The Founding Team

Paul Wrubel, PhD Executive Director and Founder

Dr. Paul R. Wrubel holds four degrees. He received a BA from Middlebury College, an MAT from Wesleyan University and a Masters and PhD from Stanford University. His professional experience encompasses a decade of teaching in a Connecticut public high school and an 8-year stint in administrative roles in California that included serving as the Principal of Gunn High School in Palo Alto. His community and volunteer work includes a term as an elected school board president in his home community of Half Moon Bay, California.

Over the last three decades, Paul has served as an independent counselor for high schools, service clubs, government programs, nonprofits and families across the economic spectrum and around the globe. He has been recognized widely as a preeminent authority on college funding matters and as such has been quoted in the print and broadcast media many times. He has appeared on talk shows from coast to coast and has conducted hundreds of public workshops on college admissions and college funding issues around the nation. There are few, if any, individuals with as comprehensive knowledge of college funding, the financial aid system and its impact on families, colleges and the nation.

Don Batstone, PhDManaging Partner; Higher Education Interface Manager

Dr. Don Batstone holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from Marquette University and a doctorate from the Rossier School of Education of the University of Southern California (USC). He brings to 4&Out over 30 years of experience in higher education administration and counseling at public and private and two- and four-year colleges and universities.

Specifically, Don has held Directorships at USC in the College Advisement Office, the Keck School of Medicine, and the Viterbi School of Engineering, and at Long Beach City College (LBCC) in the Office of School and College Relations. Most recently, he was Dean of Academic Affairs at Mt. Sierra College in southern California. In addition, Don served for many years as an Academic Counselor at both USC and LBCC. In this capacity, he advised a wide range of students from high-achieving pre-medical, pre-law and honors students to low-performing students in need of tutoring and other assistive services.

As a result of his lifetime of career experience as an administrator, instructor and counselor in admissions, financial aid and student services, Don has developed comprehensive knowledge of the college and career needs of students. He is ideally equipped to lead 4&Out in meeting its primary mission of making higher education more accessible, more predictable and more affordable for all aspiring college students and their families.

David Batstone, PhDSenior Advisor, Business Development

Dr. David Batstone is a catalyst for driving positive change across the world. Working with entrepreneurs and investors to create forward-thinking companies that return dignity to people and planet, he is quietly leading a revolution in the way 21st century business operates.

David is the visionary founder and Managing Director of Just Business, a social impact investment firm. His portfolio of successful ventures includes REBBL – top new organic beverage in the USA (2016), Square Organics – maker of Square Protein bars, Z Shoes an organic shoe company, and Not For Sale, a global anti-human trafficking organization. He is currently a professor of entrepreneurship at the School of Management, University of San Francisco, and was previously a private equity banker in the technology industry.

David has authored five books, is the recipient of two national journalist awards, and was named National Endowment for the Humanities Chair at the University of San Francisco for his work in technology and ethics. Most recently, David was selected by the United Nations Women for Peace Association to receive the 2017 “Peace Award” for making a difference in the lives of women and girls through his numerous Not For Sale projects.

Kevin Vreeburg In-House IT; Front End Designer/Developer

Kevin is a California Coastside resident and a cum laude college graduate (Business Administration, Management). He also holds a Masters Certificate in Web Design/Web Development and has participated in a number of mobile application projects in the Bay Area. Kevin’s clients include the Navy SEAL Foundation, the Half Moon Bay Golf Links (Ritz-Carlton) and the Boys and Girls Club among many others. His enthusiasm is contagious!


4&Out boasts an impressive and growing list of various leaders, visionaries and contacts nurtured during the combined careers of more than 70 years of front-line work in this arena by the founders. The list includes close friends and colleagues representing key positions in secondary and post-secondary education, business, electronic media, government, ethics and legal matters.

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