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Graduate With a Bachelor’s Degree in Four Years

4&Out is committed to limiting your college debt by guaranteeing that you graduate with a bachelor’s degree in four years.

The College Student Debt Crisis

A large majority of students don’t graduate from college in 4 years; instead, they take 6 or more years! (41% vs. 55%)

Two extra years of college (beyond four years) can cost students an additional $56,000 at public schools and $118,000 at private schools.

The 4&Out Solution to Excessive Student Debt

4&Out partners with colleges and universities to develop a four-year guarantee bachelor's program. The guarantee program is simple, flexible and the same for all 4&Out colleges. If students who meet the guarantee program conditions are not able to graduate in four years, member colleges agree to pay for additional years of college beyond the fourth year.

  • Costs of 4&Out colleges are more limited and predictable
  • 4&Out colleges are listed in a single location – the 4&Out website
  • Guarantee program conditions are simple, flexible and the same for all colleges
  • 4&Out website provides a wealth of useful information and tools to aspiring college students related to college admissions, college funding, career choices and the like
  • 4&Out website provides critical information and tools to matriculated college students on how to be successful in college and careers
  • 4&Out communicates regularly with its college members, registered students and parents to ensure that the 4&Out initiative is successful for everyone
  • A four-year guarantee is an attractive, recruiting feature
  • College has global visibility on a recognized list that is free of ranking and subjective evaluation criteria
  • Inexpensive way for colleges to recruit excellent, motivated students
  • Students incentivized to seek critical advisement from mentors, advisors, faculty and others
  • Students more likely to be retained at host institution and less likely to transfer
  • Improvement in 4-year (and even 5- year) graduation rates
  • Four-year guarantee is a compelling reason for proud alumni and parents to donate to the college

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